To maintain and improve skin health, an effective, professional pharmaceutical skincare regimen is essential. Over-the-counter products only treat skin’s surface layer. Optimal skin health is achieved by reaching live tissue — IMAGE Skincare professional products work at the cellular level to diminish fine lines, fade sun damage, increase hydration and stimulate cellular turnover for more youthful looking skin.

O2 LIFT(oxygen Facial)…….$85

Imagine releasing fresh, healthy skin hidden below layers of older skin cells with a process that’s both gentle and invigorating.

Using oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and specially concentrated enzymatic botanicals, O2 LIFT delivers a premium spa experience with immediate results.
This anti-aging, luxurious spa treatment produces gorgeous luminous skin that feels as healthy as it is radiant.

Ormedic Facial 60 minutes………….. $80
Restore the balance to your skin with this innovative facial combining the perfect marriage of organic ingredients with medical effectiveness. Even the most sensitive skin types will benefit tremendously from the soothing yet highly effective organic cocktail of essential oils, botanical extracts, and medical grade peptides to deliver the maximum restoration to tired, dull, and lackluster skin.


Image Signature Facial 60 minutes…………. $78
The facial that does it all, even the most experienced ‘facial enthusiast’ will be impressed! A cleansing and invigorating, vitamin infused treatment that will deliver tightening, lightening, brightening and nourishing hydration to leave you feeling fully refreshed and renewed. What more could one ask for?


Acne Facial 60 minutes……………. $78
This active clinical facial is designedto immediately treat all forms of acne. Salicylic Acid, enzymes, retinol & benzoyl peroxide synergistically work effectively dissolve oils and superficial blemishes. You can expect clean, refreshed, healthy, beautiful, oil-free skin in just one treatment.


The MAX Facial 60 minutes…..$80
Receive the Maximum in anti-aging prevention file simultaneously drenching your skin in luxurious hydrate. This progressive exfoliating treatment containing the most advanced fusion of ingredients in closing plant derived stem call, peptides, AHA’s, & new sophisticated forms of Vitamin C all work together to provide the most neglected skin.


Diamond Microdermabrasion

30 minutes treatment………. $50.00

Add it to a facial treatment…… $20

Microdermabrasion can reduce the effects of premature aging on our skin. Years of sun exposure and the aging process take their toll on the skin, creating lines, wrinkles, and changes in texture and color. Not only is the face a likely victim of these changes, but the neck, chest, cleavage, arms and hands may be affected as well.
Microdermabrasion improves wrinkles, skin texture and color by removing the topmost layer of the skin leaving it more supple and Vibrant. This treatment also stimulates the elastic tissue beneath the surface of the skin resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance.
Ultrasonic Infusion
Finish off the microdermabrasion facial with a
deep infusion of moisturizer or a specialty serum
and leave the skin feeling dewy soft. 

cat_Repechage-4-Layer-Facial TheRepêchage Four-Layer Facial®

60 minute treatment………$90.00

The Repêchage Four-Layer Facial® is a Premier anti-aging treatment which Cosmopolitan UK called “…the best facial of the Century…” Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically.

  • Layer 1: Seaweed filtrateis a concentrate of freshly-harvested seaweed. It softens lines, adds moisture and helps rebalance and tone skin tissues.
  • Layer 2:A three-movement facial massage is given with a creamy hydrating formula. Lasting benefits include improved circulation and skin elasticity.
  • Layer 3:The fresh seaweed mask is the cooling and soothing treatment that hydrates while improving skin tone and clarity.
  • Layer 4:The mineral mask is the grand finale. It creates its own gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask beneath it.

The results are impressive: younger-looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and an afterglow that lasts. Just touch your skin, and feel the difference.

45 minute Back Treatment…$70

Excellent for backs that need a little extra attention. This treatment will help remove dry skin, cleanse, purify and calm. Custom blended products will give you softer skin  for the perfect back.